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Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer

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Dry Type Transformer

10KVA,3Ph, 380V/415V(Ip-15.19A,Is-13.91A

Supply of Air Cooled, Copper Wound, Continuous duty, Class 'F' Insulation, VPI Dry Type Lighting Transformer (AN) with Enclosure Degree of Protection : IP23,  Indoor Type Terminal Arrangement (HV/LV) : Top Terminal Board, complete with all standard fittings & accessories : Rating & Diagram Plate, Base Channels with Bi-directional rollers, Danger Board, Earthing Terminals, Lifting Lugs, Average winding temperature rise over an ambient temperature of 50 deg. C shall not  exceed 65 deg.C measured by resistance method. i.e. Max. Temperature of the winding shall not exceed 75°C. with all fittings and accessories and confirming to IS 11171, 2026.10 kVA, 380 / 415 Volts

Product Description

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