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Solar ECG Committed to achieve zero lesion to environment, employee, community and property and demonstrate as well as sustain best effective health safety and environmental practices. We achieve this by integrating all interested parties participation, consultation during the entire process.


The Objective of this policy are:

  • To demonstrate a sustainable commitment towards providing and maintaining for all interested parties, a safe, adequate and suitable environment at all workplaces.

  • To comply with all relevant statutory legislation, approved code of practices, standards and regulators and to apply established safe working procedures in our Activities.

  • To ensure that work activities carried out by us and our subcontractors do not have adverse effects on its operating environment, assets, and interested parties. The effectiveness of this policy depends on the cooperation and active support from all the interested parties associated with the process.

  • Initiate employee driven initiatives and improve HSE leadership capabilities

  • Common Goal and responsibility across the process

Therefore, provision is made for employees and interested parties to be consulted on matter which may affect their Health Safety at work, the environmental and in connection with any responsibility or duty which may be assigned to them for the purpose of implementation of this policy.


The Policy will be reviewed at least once every two years and amend where necessary to take into account new legislation, standards, codes of practices, objectives and targets. The amendment and changes may only be authorised by the Managing director and communicated to relevant stakeholders.

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