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Revolutionary, Innovative & Leading Edge Asset Management System

Solar PV Power Plants spread over various geographies and nder hands of various plant operators. IPPs faces lot of challenges related to asset Management, Contracts Management and day to day related challenges while constantly Monitoring and Controls of the Assets. Regardless the challenge you face or expect we are there to support, so that IPP’s manage the asset in an ease way. We offer a turnkey solution for your portfolio.


Monitoring and Control System & Centre

The Solar Asset require Sophisticated & Expert monitoring in order to get the Maximum yield today and for sustainable plant life tomorrow.
Under SUNMON We have Important Built, Market and Monitored KPI's which are directly proportional to the yield. We are here to serve you and are just one click away from you.



A Testing & Precise Due Diligence Service Product

The Solar asset required periodic testing as per IEC 62446 and IEC 61724 including data analysis & improvement. Optimization actions are a part of the same.
In Routine, these key actions are usually either missed or not at all scheduled. We ensure the adherence of best industrial practices to increase the sustainability of the existing asset or during M&A opportunities.


Professional workforce appointment Service Product

We understand the challenge of direct employment and we provide our solution to many organization for long-term and short-term professional workforce.
We serve in almost all segment, our talent hunter brings an exact fit for your purpose.
We also serve nano requirements (assignment based outsourcing) in renewable energy segment.



Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance Service Product

We knew employment of workforce which actually used once in a while does not fit for the purpose hence SolarECG offers all such kind of service including breakdown and preventive maintenance for electro-mechanical, Substation and High voltage System in Solar & Wind Energy Sector.


Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of SCADA and Automation systems

The SCADA and Automation sector play a monopoly business which cost to end user a lot. We brough a way to serve all SCADA and automation system’s preventive and breakdown maintenance strategy which surplice you! Our Support engineers worked in almost all OEM’s and ready to serve you!



A Material Aggregator Service

To manage and maintain asset, it’s very tough to buy spares and consumable from individual suppliers, logistic and delivery. We understand this challenge and to extend support to the industry we play a vital role to solve the challenge.
Our strong supplier and OEM network, makes us competitive and collective in the market.
We aggregate almost all goods required in the renewable energy industry and also export across the globe.

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