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How to Quickly and Accurately View Football Betting Odds Today

Football betting always brings a certain level of excitement and thrill. Online football betting does not lose its appeal, but rather, it can be even more enticing. Among the aspects to be thoroughly "explored" are the betting odds. Let's explore with Win tips how to effectively and accurately view football betting odds today.

Common Betting Odds

To accurately calculate football betting odds and read them correctly, players need an overview of these odds. Currently, many betting odds are available at bookmakers, but most are branches of the three main types below.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting, also known as Asian handicap, is very popular and frequently seen at online bookmaker list. This betting type has many variations, such as: draw no bet 0-0, handicap ½, handicap ¼, handicap 1.5, handicap 1¼, etc.

Though they are separate branches, most handicap bets follow certain rules and have similar gameplay as follows:

  1. The bookmaker selects any match, either randomly or based on quick odds analysis.

  2. The bookmaker sets the odds ratio, which is decided by the bookmaker itself. Players look at this odds ratio and prepare their betting strategy.

  3. Players use their knowledge and information to choose the appropriate bet.

  4. The winning result depends on the score, including the odds ratio given by the bookmaker.

1x2 Betting

1x2 betting, also known as European odds, requires a clear understanding of the teams, making it very popular among "fans". Partly to showcase their knowledge, and partly, like other players, to win rewards.

1x2 betting is unique as it only focuses on the win/loss result, leading to fewer branches. If any, it might include halftime bets, full match bets, or penalty shootout bets. Viewing 1x2 odds is relatively simple by paying attention to the following details:

  • 1 represents the home team winning.

  • 2 represents the away team winning.

  • X represents a draw.

  • 1H indicates the first half.

  • FT indicates the full match.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under is the final betting type in the top 3 most popular at bookmakers. To view over/under betting odds, you need a bit of luck.

Why does luck matter more than "skills" in this betting type? It’s because this bet focuses on the total score rather than the match result. Thus, even with analysis, it may not help much, and "luck" becomes essential.

With simple gameplay akin to mini-games or slot games, over/under betting easily branches into various bets, aiming for diversity. Some recognizable over/under bets include over 1 goal, over 2 goals, under 0.5 goals, under 1.5 goals, etc.

Common Methods to View Football Betting Odds

After understanding the popular betting odds, viewing football betting odds becomes easier. You don't even need to apply the methods from top best betting site philippines.

Draw No Bet 0-0

This is a type of handicap betting. To master this, remember:

  • It’s a draw no bet, so you need information about the team you’re betting on.

  • You only need to bet on win or loss. If it’s a draw, the money is returned to the player.

Handicap ½

This is a common bet at bookmakers. Essentially, the lower team gets an additional ½ (or 0.5) added to their score. This bet has three possible outcomes:

  • The lower team wins if they lose by no more than 1 goal.

  • The upper team wins if they win by 2 goals.

  • If the score is a draw, the lower team wins.

Over/Under 3 Goals

This usually occurs in evenly matched games. For the total goals to be over 3, the matches are often very exciting. Three scenarios typically occur:

  • Under wins if the total goals are less than 3.

  • Over wins if the total goals are more than 3.

  • If the total goals are 3, the money is returned to the player.

1x2 Half Time

This is not commonly seen in matches. It’s usually available in hotly contested games with many viewers.

Players only need to know that the bet is not for the full match but for a specified half by the bookmaker. Therefore, players should think and decide carefully before placing a bet.

Penalty Shootout Betting

This is another branch of 1x2 betting. Players predict which team will win the shootout. The shootout continues until a team wins, not just the first 5 pairs.

Card Betting

Usually, this is a total card count bet. But at some bookmakers, it can be divided between yellow and red cards. Players in this bet only need to predict the number of cards over or under the bookmaker's set number. If the prediction matches the bookmaker's number, the money is returned to the player.

These are the methods for viewing football betting odds. These methods are summarized from reputable bookmakers like FB88, ensuring high effectiveness and accuracy. Keep these methods in mind and combine them with your experience for the best wins. Good luck!


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